Jim Raycroft Music

Jim Raycroft, Singer

Singing, of just about any kind, has always been my first love.

Years of involvement in a variety of musical genres has resulted in an operatic "Verdi" baritone who also sings jazz, country, barbershop, Broadway, blues, pop and rock and roll.

Throughout this site you will find examples of my past projects to listen to. I hope you enjoy them.

A Musical Journey

I joined my first choir at church when I was eight, my first boys' choir when I was 11 and performed in my first musical production, The Pirates of Penzance, when I was 12.

I began playing in garage bands when I was 14 and singing in barbershop quartets and choruses when I was 16, when I also began taking structured singing lessons.

I began my undergraduate work in voice directly out of high school and financed my first year of college playing bass and singing in a country band, while continuing to sing in barbershop quartets and choruses (my professors thought I was nuts). Even after finishing my Master's degree in Voice and having sung numerous operatic roles, I continued my involvement with other genres of music.

My specialization, however, is ensemble. The science of singing in a group is also an exacting art that requires all the knowledge, skills and musicianship of solo singing along with discipline to do it at the same time as several other singers.

I love being able to blend into a vocal ensemble, regardless of the genre -- whether it be one of my own groups or my great love, The Los Angeles Master Chorale, with whom I've sung for 30 years.

Testimonial - Sharon Farber, Composer of Film, TV, and Concert Music

"Jim Raycroft is one of the best singers I've ever worked with. Not only does he have an amazing, warm and deep voice, he is also one of the most professional singers in the business. I can always count on Jim to be there for me when needed, and he's always the one I call first when I need more singers, as he knows EVERYBODY!"

"On a personal level, Jim is just a delight to work with. A team player, always in good mood and great attitude. I am grateful for our many years of collaboration and look forward to many more!"

Free Download

This was recorded live, and surreptitiously, at a church in New Orleans, where I sang as a surprise for a friend. This is my arrangement for voice and organ of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

Download File: swing-low.mp3 (6.21 MB)